Celebrate Shreddin’ the Gnar, Cruisin’ the Pow and even Hitting the Yard Sale: Snowboard Lingo 101

Today is World Snowboard Day and we have a few words to cover! Ever wonder what those snowboarders with the 1960’s surfer-like vernacular were actually saying? In the spirit of celebration, we’re hear to clear some things up! In no time you’ll be shreddin’ the gnar and telling your buddy how crispy the pow is that day!

For Starters…

Shreddin’ the Gnar: Just a uber cool way of saying “going snowboarding”.

Pow: Short term for soft powder snow. Freshly fallen, huge snowflakes and super fluffy.

Crunchy or Crispy: really awesome, really sweet, super.

Ridin’: Another term for snowboarding or going down the slope.

Spoice: A word that can be used for anything, especially “nice”.

Chatter: The noise your board makes on rough terrain.

Gnarley: Awesome, really good or could be used to describe a crazy fall.

The Nitty-Gritty

Yard Sale: When you fall down the slope and you lose some of your gear on the way.

Jib: A trick you do off anything on the spine of a jump. A spine of a jump is an edge where a vertical side meets the horizontal, like a rail or tree.

Carve: Another word for turning.

Taco: A fall after a trick where your body folds over a rail.

Biff: wipe out, fall.

Blinger: A person who cares about matching their gear and clothing  over actually riding.