Chaco: A Brand 25 Years in the Making

1989-1995: The Early Years

The small brand, based out of a Mark Paigen’s Paonia, CO home was first called Gecko to signify his shoe as “The Ultimate Sport Sandal”. You see, the Gecko has tiny micro-suction cups on the bottom of their feet helping them scale walls quickly and efficiently.  When the company was four years young, Mark moved his operations outside of his home. The real change that has helped this brand sky-rocket into fan dome was their highly designed footbed, the Z1 in 1994. The footbed was given the name due to its creator,  Dr. Gerhard Rill, a graduate of the Munich School of Orthopedics, who famously stated “That’s ze one!”.  Finally, in 1995 Mark decided it was best to give the company a much-needed make-over. The name Gecko was too closely related to another brand and in order to choose a new name, the company held a competition. This is how the brand we know and love today is called Chaco.

Why we love this brand?

There are so many reasons to love this brand. Our top  reasons include the shoe (of course!), their warranty program ReChaco, their involvement, and their sociability! Who doesn’t love a shoe that gives you complete arch support, keeps your foot supported while having the breezing feel of a sandal? Not to mention the never-ending array of patterns and colors for the straps in their MyChaco program!  Their warranty program, ReChaco involves re-strapping, repairs and even replacement helping you keep your favorite pair of Chacos forever. The company is super social! They are always asking for your favorite pictures while wearing Chaco sandal or a Chaco tan to share on social media, as well as your outdoor adventures in their Chacosphere. Finally, we love how involved Chaco is with their dealers and their customers!


Chacos + Alpine Shop

We’ve been selling Chaco for more than 15 years and they continue to grow year after year. You can purchase your new Chacos online at or in store! Today through Friday, June 5th when you purchase a pair of Chaco sandals online you will receive a special edition Chaco belt (6/3/15-6/5/15) ONLINE ONLY. Chaco has also teamed up with Alpine Shop in the upcoming Al-Pint Night-Luau this Sunday, June 7th from 4-7pm. During the event we’ll sell limited edition 16 oz. acrylic double-wall tumblers brought to you by Chacos for $10 which includes two pours of craft beer. The proceeds will be donated to the Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region.