Missouri & Illinois Outdoor Getaways

Around the shop, we share and converse over our favorite wild places all of the time. Recommending a site unseen by most or the perfect little spot to catch the most amount of trout, etc. This time around we wanted to hear from you; our guest. Where do you find wonder and seclusion right outside the city? Between Illinois and Missouri the list can seem to go on forever; from river-ways to mini-canyons you shared with us your favorites!



Montauk State Park

Located at the headquarters of the Current River in Salem, MO. Famous for its Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout fishing!

Bass’ River Resort

Located near Steelville, Missouri, enjoy your summer days relaxing in a canoe, kayak, or raft on one of three rivers. The resort is located on the Coutois, Huzzah and Meramec Rivers. The resort boasts campsites as well as accommodations in their lodging units.  Perfect for a family summer getaway!

Council Bluff Lake

Located within the Mark Twain National Forest, Council Bluff Lake Recreation Area includes a large lake which was created by dam built on the big river, camping areas and sheltered picnic areas. Enjoy the sandy beach, swimming, canoeing, angling, and no-wake speed boating.

Silver Mines

Also part of the Mark Twain National Forest, the Silver Mines Recreation Area is located right on the St. Francis River. The only river in Missouri that is categorized as “White Water” which is popular for kayaking during the Springtime high waters. Explore the abandoned “Einstein Mine” which was once mined for silver, lead, and Tungsten.

Red Bluff

Along the Huzzah Creek near Davisville, MO this recreation area is named for its towering red bluffs. Enjoy the weekend camping, swimming, tubing, and fishing!

The Paddy Creek Wilderness

Home to the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness boast hiking trail as well as the Big and Little Paddy Creeks. Located 10 miles northwest from Licking, MO enjoy horseback riding, hiking, camping, and fishing!

Meramec State Park

One of the most popular destinations for St. Louisans due to distance; this Steelville, MO gem boasts the Meramec River and a diverse collection of ecosystems. Enjoy canoe and raft rentals, campsites, cave seeking, and hiking! This state park almost has it all!



Jackson Falls

Located near Ozark, IL Jackson Falls is known for its spectacular rock climbing! Arguably the best in all of Southern Illinois. If you’ve been meaning to find a perfect outdoor rock climbing in Illinois, you’re in luck!

Ferne Clyffe State Park

Located in Goreville, IL this outdoor gem includes breathtaking rock formations, vistas and a wide array of vegetation! There are equestrian trails, camping, and fishing available!

Cedar lake

Southwest of Carbondale, IL in Southwestern Illinois boasts the 1,750-acre reservoir Cedar Lake. Enjoy breathtaking views during the summer and fall; as the tree leaves turn a magnificent orange and red!

Rend Lake

Located in Southern Illinois near Benton, IL one can enjoy some serious lake time! Rend Lake Resorts have plenty of lodging options as well as campsites! There are water sports, hiking trails, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and boating! The perfect outdoor weekend awaits you!

Garden of the Gods

A geological wonder formed by millions of years and an ancient in-land sea. A great uplift occurred along with years of thawing, windblown sand, and other environmental actions created the area that is now known as the “Garden of the Gods”. Interpretive signs throughout this recreation area, located in the Shawnee National Forest near Harrisburg, IL will explain the geological history.