Back 2 Campus: Survival Kit

Most college classes begin the last week of August and many students, either new or returning, get back to campus throughout the month leading up to the beginning of classes. Living on a giant or small campus can mean quite the change from high school, one of these being how you commute from your dorm to class. Just getting from point A to point B, and back to point A again could mean walking or biking at least 1-2 miles a day. With all these changes to prepare you, we’ve got the necessities to help make your year on campus great!

#1. The Bike

This is essential, especially for huge campus’ or those that are smack dab in a city center; like Loyola in Chicago or the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Even Mizzou’s campus in Columbia, MO can be accessed quite easily by bike. Our bike shop in Kirkwood and O’Fallon can help you pick up the bike that best suites you and your campus. Whether you need a nice cruiser for just around campus or a speedy road bike that can handle the grassy campus and the busy city streets, we’ve got you covered. In Kirkwood you can have your pick of bikes from Specialized and in O’Fallon, Jamis is where its at!


#2. The Yeti Cooler…or Tumbler?

Yes. The Yeti cooler, it can keep beer super duper cold for those tailgating parties (21 years and up..right) or maybe just to keep around the Fraternity House. You know your parents are always willing to shell out $300 to help keep your college brews ice cold….just kidding…but those Rambler Tumblers will work mighty fine at keeping your ice coffee chilled for those 8:30am classes in the 300+ attendance lecture hall.


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.58.22 PM

#3. The Soft Pants

These include the infamous legging for woman and the durable yet comfortable khaki short for men.  Our favorites include the Motion Crop Legging by Lole and the Kantra Khaki Short by Kuhl. Both include a nice breathable and comfortable fabric that looks great and works well with walking or biking throughout the day.



#4. The Chacos

I guess these no longer go hand in hand with a tie-die Grateful Dead T-shirt, but more like a nice polo, khakis, and a pair of croakies. Get the sandal that has yet again hit the college scene hard.  Choose between dozens of funky prints and colors, as well as toe or no toe (that is the question). For the ladies, the double strap looks quite nice.

HPW-U-041810 042

HPW-U-041810 073

#5. The Pack

Our pick for the best campus ‘pack’ comes from Timbuk2. The style is fresh, hip, and super durable. It’s ok if you toss it around a little or get stuck in some rain, these packs are going to last way longer than your usual Jansport. Most of the messenger bags and backpacks also include a pocket for a laptop, sounds like a win-win to us!


#6. The Shirt

Columbia’s PFG line is so huge. Its the perfect blend of preppy cuts and colors along with some pretty sweet technical specs. This UV-Protective line was originally made for fishermen, who spend long days out in the sun, in the middle of reflective water. The style and the functionality of these pieces has made them a hot trend on campus.


#7. The Rain Jacket

Let’s face it, almost every campus (beside the University of Arizona) is going to get a few rainstorms this Fall. Be prepared with the Marmot Minimalist; this style comes in Men’s and Women’s and an assortment of colors. This isn’t your usual rain jacket, this one is made with the super technical fabric called GORE-TEX. This means you stay dry from the elements on the outside and wicks away your body moisture to help you stay non-clammy on the inside. Totes worth the $200 price-tag because you’ll be far better off solely based on comfort.

Y1154_2264_w_minimalist_jkt 0024

#8. The Patagonia..Everything

Pretty much.  You’ll be set with any piece that suits your fancy, or if you just go ahead and buy every color imaginable…that works too.