The Weekend Rider

There is no doubt that St. Louis and the surrounding areas boast many outdoor and urban retreats to help keep our weekends busy.  What better way to spend the weekend than to get outside, get a little active, and experience some adventure? Sounds right our alley! We wanted to procure some of the best weekend destinations that include a safe and accessible route using cycling as the main mode of transportation, not to mention some shopping and dining establishments while we’re at it! We’ve chosen four of favorites that include a parking spot, routes, and activities.


Downtown Kirkwood

Where to park: Our store! Park your car in our expansive lot at the Kirkwood location. Stop in before you go for a last minute stock up on cycling accessories, tune, and water!

Route: There are many routes to take in and around Downtown Kirkwood. Our favorite is to turn right out of our parking lot onto N. Kirkwood Road, turn right onto E. Bodley Ave , right again onto N. Taylor Ave, and right onto E. Argonne Drive. Now you are smack dab in the middle of Downtown Kirkwood in less than 10 minutes!

What to do: Right at the corner of N. Taylor and Argonne is the Kirkwood Farmers Market, perfect for picking up your Saturday evening dinner essentials. Fresh fruit, vegetables and other local ingredients fresh and ready for your dish! Walk down to Kaldis Coffee at Argonne and Kirkwood Road. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry out on the patio if its in the morning or enjoy their full breakfast and lunch menu. To make it a full-day activitiy, you can ride your bikes all the way down N. Taylor to the Magic House for a fun-filled day with the kids! Stop by the Kirkwood Park on your way back to Alpine Shop to pick up your car and finish your day off with some shopping!

Forest Park

Where to park: The Saint Louis Zoo now includes parking in Dogtown off of Oakland Ave.

Route: Oakland Ave which faces the the south side of Forest Park near Highway 40 has been completely re-done that includes a bike lane that has a good amount of space between cars parked and the cyclist. Oakland Ave can take you right into the park via Tamm Ave, which bridges over the highway. Take your time going through the park and once you get to the other side, which hugs up against Lindell, head east into the most exciting areas around town-The Central West End.

What do to: First, there are tons of things to do in Forest Park. On your way down Oakland you can stop by Turtle Park then head either to the Zoo, The Boathouse, The History Museum, or the Grand Basin & Art Museum-all of which are totally free attractions (besides the food & paddling at The Boathouse). Once you ride into the CWE stop and get breakfast or brunch at Crepes or Wildflower Loft. Lunch and dinner is always enjoyable at Pi Pizzeria and a little sweet treat can be had at the brand new Jeni’s Ice Cream Parlor. If you have tickets, hit the Muny on your way back into the park and then your car!

Downtown Saint Louis

Where to park: The Clayton Metro Station

Route: Take the Metrolink from the Clayton station with your bikes and head downtown to the Union Station stop. From there, head north on 18th Street, where you will then come to Chestnut. Chestnut has been completely re-vamped making it one of most safest cycling lanes in the area. There is now a protected bike lane that includes buffer zones between parked cars and motorists. Your route includes a straight shot east on Chestnut, turn right onto N. 8th where you then take to Clark at Busch Stadium. You would then hop onto the Stadium Station westbound to Clayton Station.

What to do: Stop and check out Union Station as you head towards Chestnut, there you will have a handful of great attractions on your way towards the Arch. Along the way you’ll see City Garden, the Fountains, the Old Courthouse, and the Veterans Memorial Museum. As you head south on 8th Street, you can catch a Cardinals baseball game or just head on into the brand new Ballpark village for some food and brews!


Saint Charles

Where to park: Trail Smokehouse and Visitors Center at 2886 S. Highway 94

Route: Southward on the Katy Trail

What to do: When you stop the Trail Smokehouse you will be literally on the Katy Trail. This small town boasts a handful of restaurants, shops, and wineries all along the historic Katy Trail. The Visitors Center also has food and beverages in a nice sit-down atmosphere. While heading south on the trail you’ll come across a bike shop, if there is anything you need, as well as bike rentals. You can also stop by the number of vineyards and wineries along the way, including the Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery, Sugar Creek Winery, and the Augusta Winery.