Cupid’s Kegger! Fall in Love with the Outdoors (and a Beer)

Is your Valentine an outdoor lover? Does he or she love to hit the trail, sleep under the stars next to a campfire, wake up the next morning and do it all over again? If so, then there’s only one place you should be looking for Valentine’s Day presents: Alpine Shop!

Why stick to boring flowers that will be dead in less than week?
Why add more sugar to their diet with candies?
Give them something they’ll cherish for years every time they wear or use it!

Tonight, Tuesday, February 12, 2019 from 7–9 pm, we’re hosting our first ever Cupid’s Kegger at our Kirkwood location to make finding the perfect Valentine’s Day present the most fun it has ever been! We’ll have complimentary beer on hand from Schlafly (okay, it will be bottles, not a keg, but the idea’s still the same) and extra outfitters throughout the store to help you find the perfect gift for your outdoor loving Valentine.

Oh, and if your Valentine isn’t a big outdoor lover? Well, you can still come in and grab a beer and shop for yourself. After all, you need to show some love for yourself, too. Right?

*You must be 21 to partake in Cupid’s Kegger. And if you didn’t know that already, please, don’t bother coming in to the store. For those over 21, please limit yourself to two beers. Thanks!