Ski & Snowboard Service: Protect your gear and perfect your ride

Keeping your skis and snowboards tuned is one of the two most important things* you can do to ensure you have a great time on the slopes every time you make a run. Why? Because without a tune, you’re gear does two things: it sticks to the snow, making it harder for you to move and it reduces your maneuverability in turns, making it harder for you to go where you want to go. Now, if this still sounds fun, proceed to your nearest slope without taking care of your ride. However, if you want to actually enjoy your time on the snow, read on.

There are two different ways to keep your skis and snowboards tuned: you can do it yourself or you can bring them in to us at Alpine Shop and let us take care of it for you. For do-it-yourselfers, we offer Tuning Clinics on how to do this at home. The clinic is free and we’ll go over all the equipment you need.

Some repairs, though, are beyond the equipment you’ll have in your basement. And some people would just rather have an experienced technician do the work. For those jobs, Alpine Shop is proud to offer you one of the top ski and snowboard service centers in the country. Completely stocked with top-of-the-line Wintersteiger equipment and manned by certified techs, we’ll make sure your gear is perfectly tuned for your particular style.

Here’s some examples of what we do:

An example of a board needing a custom tune from Alpine Shop's service center
A perfect example of something needing a Custom Tune. If the customer does the Basic Tune, all those scratch lines will still be there, the edges won't be perfect and the base would be dry.

Custom Ski or Snowboard Tune:

Our Highest Level of service in package form. Stone grind, Base beveling/flattening, base and side edge beveling/sharpening, ptex and a race/hot wax and race polish.

And just what does all this mean?

Stone grinding: This process flattens the ski base, removes damaged base material and gives skis and boards a better surface for wax to adhere to for a smoother, faster ride.

Base beveling/flattening: This means we’re shaping the bottom of your gear to work perfectly for your personal style on the slopes.

Side edge beveling/sharpening: The most important thing for maneuverability is for your ski or snowboard edges to be smooth – like a fine knife – not the serrated kind. We make sure your edges are smooth, sharp and angled precisely to match your riding style.

Ptex: We use ptex to repair gouges or other damage done to the base of your gear. Without the repairs done, your skis or board can’t perform the way they’re meant to on the slopes.

Is your base drying out? Alpine Shop's hot wax treatment can take care of that.
See the white lines in the base? That's the base drying out. This board needs a tune with a HOT WAX.

Race/Hot Wax: The difference between hot wax and machine wax is like deciding between an economy set of new tires or a performance rated set of tires. Both will have your car performing better, but there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the ride. The same holds true here. A hot wax treatment will be customized to the type and temperature of the conditions you’ll ski in. It will also protect your base better and be more durable than a machine wax. For this reason, if your gear’s base appears to be drying out (see pic on the right) we will recommend a hot wax treatment. A machine wax, meanwhile, is much better than nothing at all, but we can’t give you the best ride possible with it.

The custom tune is for the customer who wants the ultimate experience on his gear at all time. This tune makes skis and boards as close to new as possible. Guaranteed to be fast and sharp.

Basic Ski or Snowboard Tune:

Our best value: Base beveling/flattening, base and side edge beveling/sharpening, machine wax and race polish.
For the customer who want to safe bank but needs that next level of service. This tune will cleanup and polish the base while flattening it and make those edges sharp, sharp, sharp. If the base looks dry (see pic above) we will recommend you upgrade to a Hot Wax.

Sharpen and Wax Combo:

A quick tune that will sharpen the base and side edges and machine wax with race polish.
This is for the customer who needs a quick clean up. This tune will not fix/repair anything on the base. If the base looks dry (see pic above) we will recommend you upgrade to a Hot Wax treatment.

Hot Wax Upgrade:

If you select one of our basic tune packages (basic or sharpen/wax), we offer a Hot Wax upgrade option at a savings to you.
This way, you get some of the customization of the Custom tune without the cost.

Alpine Shop's Service Center can handle Ptex & epoxy repairs
An example of a ptex repair. If the gouge/scratch is down to the core it will need epoxy.

Ptex/Epoxy Base or Topsheet Repair:

For those times when the snow isn’t perfect and you smoke a rock/rail or fellow skier. This service starts at $15 and goes up depending on what is needed to completely repair your ski or snowboard.

Have other questions? Give us a call at 314-962-7715. We’ll be happy to help you out however we can.

*Oh and the other most important thing you can do to ensure a good experience on the slopes: Get a good, professionally fit pair of boots.