Swap Tent Preview: Wednesday Edition

Most of the time during Swap week, we can’t give you any sort of real peek at the secret holdings of the Swap Tent until Thursday or so. That’s because we haven’t started accepting used gear from our customers until Wednesday morning. This year, however, two things have really changed all of that for us and for you: First of all, we opened up the check-in process on Monday, and secondly, we’re accepting both our traditional winter gear AND our traditional spring gear for the first time ever at the same Swap.

And that means, that this Tent Preview: Wednesday Edition actually can give you a pretty good idea of just how big the 2011 Winter Swap will be.

Just a reminder, you need to check-in your used gear (if you’re interested in selling) by 4 pm on Friday, Oct. 21! Don’t miss out.

Friday night, the tent opens at 7 pm. Find more information here, including admission costs.