Swap Tent Preview: Thursday Edition (1 More Day!)

Alpine Shop’s 18th Annual Winter Swap Tent continues to fill up with our customers’ used skis, snowboards, bikes, boats, camping gear and clothing. You have one more day – until 4 pm on Friday, October 21 to get your own gear checked-in for this event. You can find more information on the Swap here. And for our Columbia customers, Swap is going on there, as well!

Don’t forget, while the tent opens at 7 pm tomorrow night for used gear sales and clearance items, Alpine Shop’s new gear sales will start at all three Alpine Shop locations first thing in the morning. Want to see what’s on sale? Take a peek at our new gear sales here.

While everyone breathlessly awaits 7 pm tomorrow to enter the tent and find this year’s best deals, here’s one more sneak preview at what we have inside.