Red-E Oar Not, Here We Come

The Mackeen Family Versus The MR340

Here we go! The MacKeen Teams are ready for the MR340. We had our kayaks on a trailer behind our RV, and were on our way to the starting point in Kansas City, KS last night. After we had a safety briefing in Kansas City at 7pm and a good night’s sleep, we have an 8am start for all racers. There are currently around 250 boats racing in the MR-340. If the race had taken place last month as originally planned, there would have been closer to 400 boats (we lost some, as not everyone could get the time off).

We are nervous and excited, and looking forward to the bonding time we will have as a family. Rich is anxious to hear the peaceful sounds of the river as he paddles with his daughter Heather. Siblings Chris and Nikki are packed, ready to go, and relishing the thought of passing father and sister!

Drivers Sandi and Mary have studied the map and are ready to meet the teams and supply them. Jarod and Kaity, well, they’re just looking forward to a little R & R with no home chores! But they know there will be many short crazy times of hard work, followed by long stretches of waiting (they’re already planning bike rides, and kicking a ball or throwing a Frisbee around). Josh is waiting patiently in Colorado Springs to hear news, as he cycles and goes to classes.

Here’s a question: How many times do you think the MacKeen Teams will get hit by flying carps?

Stay tuned as we update you daily on our adventures on the Missouri River, and we’ll let you know how many carp we catch! Tom and Huck didn’t have nuttin’ on us!


-Mary Mackeen