A Family Affair-The Mackeen Team

“We are the MacKeen family, and we are definitely Getting Outside Ourselves!”

“About six weeks ago, my husband Rich came home and announced that we were signed up for the MR340. For those of you who don’t know, this is an 88 hour, 340 mile kayak race across the entire state of Missouri. We will be using two Current Designs Double Vision tandem kayaks, bought at the Alpine Shop.

Now, add to this-we have not done anything like this before. Many people think we are crazy, and they’re probably right. But, we like adventure.

We were both saddened and slightly relieved to find out the MR340 had been postponed until August 12, due to dangerously high waters and potential flooding. The good news…we still plan on racing and we have a little more time to do so! So we will keep you posted on all of our training.

While we were first considering ourselves The MacKeen Team’s 1 & 2; we have come up with proper names! Took a family vote around the breakfast table and decided the names should have something with “red” in them, as our uniforms and kayaks are both red! We came up with Red – E or Not and Red – E Set Go.”

As a family, we run a small hobby farm, and a home-based, internet business (www.randrwoodcrafts.com), so we are used to working hard. However, we have heard that even tough Marines and football players haven’t been able to finish this race, as it is a totally different type of work.

We wanted to find a sport that the whole family could enjoy. Now, we could have started slowly by taking short day trips here and there (and that is what we recommend), but that is not our style! We have jumped in with both feet! And many kudos to the Alpine Shop for all of their help, advice, and encouragement.”- Mary Mackeen, mom, media manager, and all-around “whip cracker”

Meet Team “Red-E or Not”

Rich MacKeen- Father, airline pilot, retired Air Force pilot

Heather MacKeen- Daughter, 16 years old, Cadet Airman First Class (Civil Air Patrol)


Meet Team “Red-E Set Go”

Nikki MacKeen- Daughter, 19 years old Cadet Second Lieutenant ( Civil Air Patrol), two time participant of Johnson Flight Academy, where she accumulated 19 hours flying time in a Cessna 152

Chris MacKeen- Son, 18 years old, Eagle Scout, 2 time participant of Northern Tier, Boundary Waters canoeing trip with the Boy Scouts


The Support Team

Sandi Riemann- Sister-in-law and aunt, “Bus” (RV) Driver Extraordinaire

Kaity- Daughter, 14 years old, chief cook and gofer

Jarod- Son, 13 years old, chief paddle washer and gofer

Josh MacKeen- Son, 21 years old, U.S. Air Force Academy cadet (Class of 2017) and on the USAFA Cycling team, he is supporting us emotionally from Colorado!


Mary will be keeping us posted on any further training and race updates! We are proud to see families, such as the Mackeens, getting outside and transforming generations. The Mr-340 is no cake walk and will take great diligence and hard work, but we have profound positivity for the Mackeens! The Alpine Shop is rooting for you, all the way!