Free $52 Gift Certificate with Purchase of $148 of The North Face Through 11/6

The first six days of November will bring some great deals to fans of The North Face brand at Alpine Shop. From the first to the sixth, any purchase total of $148 made up entirely of The North Face merchandise will receive a $52 gift certificate good for anything in a future purchase at Alpine Shop.

The North Face Denali Jacket, Cat's Meow BX Sleeping Bag
Either one of these items from The North Face, the Denali Jacket (for men and women) and the Cat's Meow BX Sleeping Bag, will earn you a Free Gift Certificate.

So, whether you earn that FREE gift certificate with one TNF Denali Jacket or a Cat’s Meow BX Sleeping Bag;

The North Face Peruvian Corded Beanie, Half Dome Hoodie, Etip Gloves and 100 TKA Microvelour Pants
Add these items up (The North Face Peruvian Corded Beanie, Half Dome Hoodie, Etip Gloves and 100 TKA Microvelour Pants) and you hit your $148 target to a Free $52 Gift Certificate.

or maybe you spread the TNF joy out a little and grab a hat, pants, gloves and hoodie like this Peruvian Cable Beanie Cap, these TKA 100 Microvelour Women’s Pants, a pair of these Etip Gloves that enable you to use your touchscreen phone while still wearing your gloves, and finally this Half Dome Hoodie to fill out our bill and grab yourself a $52 gift certificate for later on this holiday season.

A few notes on this promotion: Deal good through Sunday, 11/6/11. Limit 4 gift certificates per customer. $148 equals pre-tax total on The North Face brand clothing and gear. Gift card only good for future purchases. Previous purchases not eligible for deal. Return of goods purchased in order to receive certificate will result in forfeiture of certificate. Gift Certificate expires on 12/31/11.

See you in the Shop – or online at

Ski Like a Girl Weekend Will Be Rescheduled

The best laid plans and all of that… Due to Cardinal Circumstances beyond our control (and evidently beyond the Rangers’ control as well), we have decided to reschedule the entire slate of the Ski Like a Girl Weekend activities. If you already signed up for a custom fit with us this weekend, our Certified Pedorthist Angie Bono would love to take care of you at your scheduled time – as she does for hundreds of other customers – according to the same principles of Jeannie Thoren’s Thoren Theory.

Thanks for your understanding.

Ski Like a Girl! – Jeannie Thoren Visits Alpine Shop

NOTE: Friday Night’s Reception has been canceled due to the Cardinals’ miraculous comeback that has forced Game 7 of the World Series. Refund information will be updated Friday morning. Custom fits during the weekend are all still on schedule.

Ladies, does this sound like you?
Do your skis wander or cross? Do your heels lift up in your boots? Do your feet move in your boots? Do you lean back on your skis? Do you fatigue easily? Do your feet get cold or tired? Do you ski “Knock-kneed?”

Guess what? It’s not you. It’s your equipment!

Jeannie Thoren's Ski Like a Girl Weekend at Alpine Shop
Known throughout the skiing world, Jeannie Thoren is one of the world's foremost experts when it comes to women's ski equipment.

Women’s ski expert Jeannie Thoren will be on hand for Alpine Shop’s Ski Like a Girl Weekend beginning with our reception and program Friday night October 28 at 6:30 pm to help you find answers to your skiing questions.

Thoren is a living legend of the women’s ski movement. A competitive skier herself back in the late 1960s and 70s, Thoren was one of the first to notice that the physical differences between men and women required completely different ski equipment. Over 40 years of work in the field have finally seen Thoren’s expertise adopted by the ski world; but it still requires experts in the field that understand the principles of the Thoren Theory to make sure your equipment works perfectly for you. On Friday, Oct. 28, she’ll explain exactly what you need to make sure you’re ready for the ski season ahead of you.

Letter from happy customer.
Letter from a satisfied customer from one of Jeannie's previous visits.

Thoren is no stranger to Alpine Shop, either. She has made the trip to St. Louis to work with our customers numerous times. And she has helped hundreds of them go on to be more confident and more comfortable skiers.

Find out more about the Ski Like a Girl Weekend at Alpine Shop here!


2010 Winter Swap Friday – 12 Hours in 80 seconds Video

Tonight, we open the tent for Alpine Shop’s 18th Annual Winter Swap at 7 pm. One of the best parts of this day is watching the line of excited people grow around the side of the building. Here’s some time-lapse footage from last year’s Winter Swap to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Enjoy! (And we’ll see you tonight. What time are you getting here?)

Swap Tent Preview: Thursday Edition (1 More Day!)

Alpine Shop’s 18th Annual Winter Swap Tent continues to fill up with our customers’ used skis, snowboards, bikes, boats, camping gear and clothing. You have one more day – until 4 pm on Friday, October 21 to get your own gear checked-in for this event. You can find more information on the Swap here. And for our Columbia customers, Swap is going on there, as well!

Don’t forget, while the tent opens at 7 pm tomorrow night for used gear sales and clearance items, Alpine Shop’s new gear sales will start at all three Alpine Shop locations first thing in the morning. Want to see what’s on sale? Take a peek at our new gear sales here.

While everyone breathlessly awaits 7 pm tomorrow to enter the tent and find this year’s best deals, here’s one more sneak preview at what we have inside.

Swap Tent Preview: Wednesday Edition

Most of the time during Swap week, we can’t give you any sort of real peek at the secret holdings of the Swap Tent until Thursday or so. That’s because we haven’t started accepting used gear from our customers until Wednesday morning. This year, however, two things have really changed all of that for us and for you: First of all, we opened up the check-in process on Monday, and secondly, we’re accepting both our traditional winter gear AND our traditional spring gear for the first time ever at the same Swap.

And that means, that this Tent Preview: Wednesday Edition actually can give you a pretty good idea of just how big the 2011 Winter Swap will be.

Just a reminder, you need to check-in your used gear (if you’re interested in selling) by 4 pm on Friday, Oct. 21! Don’t miss out.

Friday night, the tent opens at 7 pm. Find more information here, including admission costs.

Cold World Series Games = Warm Red Jackets

Now that St Louis is officially in the grips of World Series madness, you have to get ready to cheer on the Cardinals in some pretty chilly weather conditions. Never fear—Alpine Shop has red jackets in stock just for this purpose! (OK, maybe not just for this purpose, but it works anyways.)

So, take your pick from some of these awesome Cardinal color cover-ups so you can stay warm and cozy while you’re waving your rally squirrel towels in downtown St Louis or wherever you cheer the Cardinals from.

And most importantly, bring home a win!

Tent Goes Up. Get Your Used Gear In. Swap Starts Friday!

Alpine Shop's Winter Swap Tent Going Up

For 17 years, Alpine Shop has always had two distinct Swap Celebrations: a Spring Swap dedicated to bikes, boats, camping gear and all warm-weather pursuits, and the Winter Swap devoted to all things done outside in the cold including skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow. So for the 18th year, of course, we threw all of that out the window.

Welcome to the 18th Annual Winter Swap.

Bring all of that stuff in this time. If the gear meets our standards, we’ll sell it out of the Swap tent and put some cash or store credit in your pocket. (Or if you’re at our Columbia location Swap, we’ll do the same thing without the tent!)

As of Monday, October 17 at 10 am, Alpine Shop Kirkwood and Columbia are ready to accept your used items into the Swap. Bring them in early to avoid the line. If you prefer to leave things until the last minute, please note that ALL used gear registration needs to be finished by 5 pm on Friday, Oct. 21. More than likely, this means you need to be in line at 4 pm at the latest to check-in your gear. As we continue to improve the Swap to make sure our lines don’t stretch back for hours on Friday night, that same technology has forced us to make some changes in how we do some things. Check-in is one of those things.

We’ll still open the tent at 7 pm on Friday night. We’ll still have people tailgating for the tent opening hours before then. You’ll still find the tent filled with great prices on used and clearance items. (Or, you’ll still see the money coming in from the items you’re selling!)

You will find a few changes inside our stores, however. All of our new-gear sales will begin when we open our doors first thing in the morning in Kirkwood, Chesterfield and Columbia (or on-line at If you’re just interested in new gear deals, you no longer have to wait until the 7 pm starting time anymore. Also, we’ll have Early Bird and Night Owl deals on new gear on both Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 22-23 and Sat. and Sun., Oct. 29-30. You can find those limited time specials on page 3 of our on-line new-gear sale catalog here.

Used gear sales are open in Kirkwood and Columbia on Friday, Oct. 21 from 7 pm–11 pm; Sat., Oct. 22 from 9 am—9 pm and Sun., Oct. 23 from 11 am—6 pm.

See you soon!


Willing to Give the Shirt Off Your Back? MK Hopes So!

Mountain Khakis, a staff favorite for their comfortable, great-looking pants, is offering a special deal for their MountainTops. All you have to do is donate a new or gently used shirt at Alpine Shop, and you’ll receive $20 off any MK Original MountainTop. Donate two shirts, take $20 off two MK Original MountainTops. Donate three shirts, well, you get the idea.

Plus, if you post a picture of yourself donating a shirt on Mountain Khakis’ facebook page, you’ll be entered to win FREE MK apparel. Visit their facebook page for more details.

All donations will be given to the St. Patrick Center in St. Louis.