Customer Appreciation Weekends

Every Friday through Sunday throughout the holiday season, all Alpine Shop locations (including The Pathfinder in Manhattan, Kan.) celebrate “Customer Appreciation Weekends.”

Holiday Cheer
Drinks and snacks… courtesy of all Alpine Shop locations this holiday season.

What does a “Customer Appreciation Weekend” mean? It means we’re absolutely delighted to have you in our stores and want to make sure you’re just as happy to shop with us. So, we stock up on beer, wine, coffee, tea, soft drinks and water, along with snacks. And then we give it away to our shoppers.

We know not everyone likes heading out on their weekends to shop this time of year. We’re just trying to make it easier – and more enjoyable – for everyone.

It’s just our way of saying “Thanks” for continuing to support local businesses and continuing to shop with us at Alpine Shop.

Happy Bike Shop Day – Saturday, December 9

New Bike Shop entrance at Alpine Shop Kirkwood
The all-new dedicated Bike Shop entrance at Alpine Shop Kirkwood

On Saturday, December 9, we hope you’ll join us to celebrate the Inaugural Bike Shop Day at Alpine Shop Kirkwood and The Pathfinder in Manhattan, Kan.

Drop by our Kirkwood shop and be one of the first to use the ALL NEW dedicated Bike Shop entrance. We’ll have it open for a sneak peek between 11 am and 3 pm before it opens permanently later on this winter.. While you try it out, stop in and sign up to win Alpine Shop gift cards and more prizes in the department.

To make it an even better event, we’ll also have in-store only sales going on during that time period that we can’t advertise at both of our bike shop locations! Shhh, don’t tell any of our brands…

Come for the prizes and sales, stay for the complimentary hot chocolate, coffee, wine, beer and snacks! (Or vice versa. Whichever applies to you best.)

Happy Bike Shop Day!