What’s Your Outdoor Personality?


If You’re….

The Leisurist

You love to relax, enjoy nature, and most importantly be comfortable. Our list of products that you’re sure to love includes the Eno Hammock, clothing from ExOfficio, the GSI wine collection, a good ole’ bird watching book, and the Marmot Urban Hauler Pack.


C26490_2628_urbanhauler_med 0014
Marmot “Urban Hauler Pack”

The Experience Seeker

You need and love gear that gets you to those wild places but can switch from one of your activities to another. Versatility and durability are your top concerns, next to experiencing the backcountry. You’re a native to the outdoor world, meaning your closet is jammed with your favorite pieces from brands such as The North Face, Marmot, and Columbia. You love these pieces so much you wear them out on the town, to work, and outside because its simply your style. Of course you own a yeti, or you’re looking forward to that purchase very soon and you are comfortable using technology to map out your adventures.


The Endurance Achiever

You are fast and you love the speed meaning you need the type of gear that is not about to slow you down! For you its not just about a certain piece, its about the brand, the technology, and the top of the line fit. You are sure to love anything and everything from Arc’teryx, Salomon, Spyder and Kjus for ski apparel. If someone would describe you they would say you’re a double black diamond skier in the winter, a whitewater kayaker in the spring, a trail runner in the summer, and extreme mountain biker in the fall; because high intensity is your passion. You track your achievement, performance, and pace with technology and you love a little competition.


The Weekend Rider

There is no doubt that St. Louis and the surrounding areas boast many outdoor and urban retreats to help keep our weekends busy.  What better way to spend the weekend than to get outside, get a little active, and experience some adventure? Sounds right our alley! We wanted to procure some of the best weekend destinations that include a safe and accessible route using cycling as the main mode of transportation, not to mention some shopping and dining establishments while we’re at it! We’ve chosen four of favorites that include a parking spot, routes, and activities.


Downtown Kirkwood

Where to park: Our store! Park your car in our expansive lot at the Kirkwood location. Stop in before you go for a last minute stock up on cycling accessories, tune, and water!

Route: There are many routes to take in and around Downtown Kirkwood. Our favorite is to turn right out of our parking lot onto N. Kirkwood Road, turn right onto E. Bodley Ave , right again onto N. Taylor Ave, and right onto E. Argonne Drive. Now you are smack dab in the middle of Downtown Kirkwood in less than 10 minutes!

What to do: Right at the corner of N. Taylor and Argonne is the Kirkwood Farmers Market, perfect for picking up your Saturday evening dinner essentials. Fresh fruit, vegetables and other local ingredients fresh and ready for your dish! Walk down to Kaldis Coffee at Argonne and Kirkwood Road. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry out on the patio if its in the morning or enjoy their full breakfast and lunch menu. To make it a full-day activitiy, you can ride your bikes all the way down N. Taylor to the Magic House for a fun-filled day with the kids! Stop by the Kirkwood Park on your way back to Alpine Shop to pick up your car and finish your day off with some shopping!

Forest Park

Where to park: The Saint Louis Zoo now includes parking in Dogtown off of Oakland Ave.

Route: Oakland Ave which faces the the south side of Forest Park near Highway 40 has been completely re-done that includes a bike lane that has a good amount of space between cars parked and the cyclist. Oakland Ave can take you right into the park via Tamm Ave, which bridges over the highway. Take your time going through the park and once you get to the other side, which hugs up against Lindell, head east into the most exciting areas around town-The Central West End.

What do to: First, there are tons of things to do in Forest Park. On your way down Oakland you can stop by Turtle Park then head either to the Zoo, The Boathouse, The History Museum, or the Grand Basin & Art Museum-all of which are totally free attractions (besides the food & paddling at The Boathouse). Once you ride into the CWE stop and get breakfast or brunch at Crepes or Wildflower Loft. Lunch and dinner is always enjoyable at Pi Pizzeria and a little sweet treat can be had at the brand new Jeni’s Ice Cream Parlor. If you have tickets, hit the Muny on your way back into the park and then your car!

Downtown Saint Louis

Where to park: The Clayton Metro Station

Route: Take the Metrolink from the Clayton station with your bikes and head downtown to the Union Station stop. From there, head north on 18th Street, where you will then come to Chestnut. Chestnut has been completely re-vamped making it one of most safest cycling lanes in the area. There is now a protected bike lane that includes buffer zones between parked cars and motorists. Your route includes a straight shot east on Chestnut, turn right onto N. 8th where you then take to Clark at Busch Stadium. You would then hop onto the Stadium Station westbound to Clayton Station.

What to do: Stop and check out Union Station as you head towards Chestnut, there you will have a handful of great attractions on your way towards the Arch. Along the way you’ll see City Garden, the Fountains, the Old Courthouse, and the Veterans Memorial Museum. As you head south on 8th Street, you can catch a Cardinals baseball game or just head on into the brand new Ballpark village for some food and brews!


Saint Charles

Where to park: Trail Smokehouse and Visitors Center at 2886 S. Highway 94

Route: Southward on the Katy Trail

What to do: When you stop the Trail Smokehouse you will be literally on the Katy Trail. This small town boasts a handful of restaurants, shops, and wineries all along the historic Katy Trail. The Visitors Center also has food and beverages in a nice sit-down atmosphere. While heading south on the trail you’ll come across a bike shop, if there is anything you need, as well as bike rentals. You can also stop by the number of vineyards and wineries along the way, including the Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery, Sugar Creek Winery, and the Augusta Winery.





Back 2 Campus: Survival Kit

Most college classes begin the last week of August and many students, either new or returning, get back to campus throughout the month leading up to the beginning of classes. Living on a giant or small campus can mean quite the change from high school, one of these being how you commute from your dorm to class. Just getting from point A to point B, and back to point A again could mean walking or biking at least 1-2 miles a day. With all these changes to prepare you, we’ve got the necessities to help make your year on campus great!

#1. The Bike

This is essential, especially for huge campus’ or those that are smack dab in a city center; like Loyola in Chicago or the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Even Mizzou’s campus in Columbia, MO can be accessed quite easily by bike. Our bike shop in Kirkwood and O’Fallon can help you pick up the bike that best suites you and your campus. Whether you need a nice cruiser for just around campus or a speedy road bike that can handle the grassy campus and the busy city streets, we’ve got you covered. In Kirkwood you can have your pick of bikes from Specialized and in O’Fallon, Jamis is where its at!


#2. The Yeti Cooler…or Tumbler?

Yes. The Yeti cooler, it can keep beer super duper cold for those tailgating parties (21 years and up..right) or maybe just to keep around the Fraternity House. You know your parents are always willing to shell out $300 to help keep your college brews ice cold….just kidding…but those Rambler Tumblers will work mighty fine at keeping your ice coffee chilled for those 8:30am classes in the 300+ attendance lecture hall.


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.58.22 PM

#3. The Soft Pants

These include the infamous legging for woman and the durable yet comfortable khaki short for men.  Our favorites include the Motion Crop Legging by Lole and the Kantra Khaki Short by Kuhl. Both include a nice breathable and comfortable fabric that looks great and works well with walking or biking throughout the day.



#4. The Chacos

I guess these no longer go hand in hand with a tie-die Grateful Dead T-shirt, but more like a nice polo, khakis, and a pair of croakies. Get the sandal that has yet again hit the college scene hard.  Choose between dozens of funky prints and colors, as well as toe or no toe (that is the question). For the ladies, the double strap looks quite nice.

HPW-U-041810 042

HPW-U-041810 073

#5. The Pack

Our pick for the best campus ‘pack’ comes from Timbuk2. The style is fresh, hip, and super durable. It’s ok if you toss it around a little or get stuck in some rain, these packs are going to last way longer than your usual Jansport. Most of the messenger bags and backpacks also include a pocket for a laptop, sounds like a win-win to us!


#6. The Shirt

Columbia’s PFG line is so huge. Its the perfect blend of preppy cuts and colors along with some pretty sweet technical specs. This UV-Protective line was originally made for fishermen, who spend long days out in the sun, in the middle of reflective water. The style and the functionality of these pieces has made them a hot trend on campus.


#7. The Rain Jacket

Let’s face it, almost every campus (beside the University of Arizona) is going to get a few rainstorms this Fall. Be prepared with the Marmot Minimalist; this style comes in Men’s and Women’s and an assortment of colors. This isn’t your usual rain jacket, this one is made with the super technical fabric called GORE-TEX. This means you stay dry from the elements on the outside and wicks away your body moisture to help you stay non-clammy on the inside. Totes worth the $200 price-tag because you’ll be far better off solely based on comfort.

Y1154_2264_w_minimalist_jkt 0024

#8. The Patagonia..Everything

Pretty much.  You’ll be set with any piece that suits your fancy, or if you just go ahead and buy everything..in every color imaginable…that works too.



Missouri & Illinois Outdoor Getaways

Around the shop, we share and converse over our favorite wild places all of the time. Recommending a site unseen by most or the perfect little spot to catch the most amount of trout, etc. This time around we wanted to hear from you; our guest. Where do you find wonder and seclusion right outside the city? Between Illinois and Missouri the list can seem to go on forever; from river-ways to mini-canyons you shared with us your favorites!



Montauk State Park

Located at the headquarters of the Current River in Salem, MO. Famous for its Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout fishing!

Bass’ River Resort

Located near Steelville, Missouri, enjoy your summer days relaxing in a canoe, kayak, or raft on one of three rivers. The resort is located on the Coutois, Huzzah and Meramec Rivers. The resort boasts campsites as well as accommodations in their lodging units.  Perfect for a family summer getaway!

Council Bluff Lake

Located within the Mark Twain National Forest, Council Bluff Lake Recreation Area includes a large lake which was created by dam built on the big river, camping areas and sheltered picnic areas. Enjoy the sandy beach, swimming, canoeing, angling, and no-wake speed boating.

Silver Mines

Also part of the Mark Twain National Forest, the Silver Mines Recreation Area is located right on the St. Francis River. The only river in Missouri that is categorized as “White Water” which is popular for kayaking during the Springtime high waters. Explore the abandoned “Einstein Mine” which was once mined for silver, lead, and Tungsten.

Red Bluff

Along the Huzzah Creek near Davisville, MO this recreation area is named for its towering red bluffs. Enjoy the weekend camping, swimming, tubing, and fishing!

The Paddy Creek Wilderness

Home to the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness boast hiking trail as well as the Big and Little Paddy Creeks. Located 10 miles northwest from Licking, MO enjoy horseback riding, hiking, camping, and fishing!

Meramec State Park

One of the most popular destinations for St. Louisans due to distance; this Steelville, MO gem boasts the Meramec River and a diverse collection of ecosystems. Enjoy canoe and raft rentals, campsites, cave seeking, and hiking! This state park almost has it all!



Jackson Falls

Located near Ozark, IL Jackson Falls is known for its spectacular rock climbing! Arguably the best in all of Southern Illinois. If you’ve been meaning to find a perfect outdoor rock climbing in Illinois, you’re in luck!

Ferne Clyffe State Park

Located in Goreville, IL this outdoor gem includes breathtaking rock formations, vistas and a wide array of vegetation! There are equestrian trails, camping, and fishing available!

Cedar lake

Southwest of Carbondale, IL in Southwestern Illinois boasts the 1,750-acre reservoir Cedar Lake. Enjoy breathtaking views during the summer and fall; as the tree leaves turn a magnificent orange and red!

Rend Lake

Located in Southern Illinois near Benton, IL one can enjoy some serious lake time! Rend Lake Resorts have plenty of lodging options as well as campsites! There are water sports, hiking trails, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and boating! The perfect outdoor weekend awaits you!

Garden of the Gods

A geological wonder formed by millions of years and an ancient in-land sea. A great uplift occurred along with years of thawing, windblown sand, and other environmental actions created the area that is now known as the “Garden of the Gods”. Interpretive signs throughout this recreation area, located in the Shawnee National Forest near Harrisburg, IL will explain the geological history.