Still Time to Find the Perfect Gift for Every Adventure

There's Still Time! Alpine Shop has Extended Hours and FREE In-Store Pick-up

No matter what day of the week Christmas falls on, it always seems like I never have time to finish everything I’d like to get done before the day is here. This year, at Alpine Shop, we’re trying to help you put the perfect gift for your outdoor adventurer under your tree with extended shopping hours all the way up until Christmas Eve, Free in-store pick-up at our Kirkwood location for items purchased on-line, expedited shipping and  outdoor adventure gift guides available at as well.

For a complete listing of Alpine Shop’s store hours from now until New Year’s Day, check out our location information page. Complete with almost day-by-day hour listings along with directions and phone numbers, we’re trying to make your Christmas gift shopping as easy as possible.

Getting a late start on your shopping? In the St. Louis area, you can shop for great outdoor adventure gifts on-line at and then pick up your gifts at our Kirkwood location. Just choose In-Store Pickup for your delivery option when you complete your purchase. In most cases, we ask you to allow 12-16 hours for your order to be processed. However, if you order by 2 pm on Christmas Eve, we guarantee we’ll have your order ready for you to pick up at Alpine Shop Kirkwood before we close at 5 pm that day. More information on our in-store pickup policy can be found here.

If you’re closer to one of the other Alpine Shop locations – or just don’t want to deal with the crowds, we can offer Overnight shipping with any order received as late as close of business on Wednesday, 12/22. Get the perfect gift without any hassle!

Have other questions or just need some tips for the adventure-lover on your list? Just give us a call: 1-888-347-2879. We’re here and happy to help!

Free Socks to Help Soldiers Feel Good this Holiday Season

American Troops in the field can only go as far as their feet can take them. That’s why durable, quality socks have always been one of the most important items in any soldier’s locker. This weekend, Alpine Shop, in cooperation with SmartWool and the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, will participate in a program designed to get our troops at least one pair of the finest socks available to them.

Smartwool Hiking Medium Crew Sock- Winner of Backpacker Magazine Editors' Choice Award

Now through Tuesday, December 21, as part of the Feels Good promotion, SmartWool will donate a pair of the brand’s Hiking Medium Crew Socks for every two pairs of any SmartWool socks sold at one of the three Alpine Shop locations or on-line at

Product will be distributed to soldiers in Southern Afghanistan in the Kandahar Province along the grueling mountains of the Pakistan border. Socks will go to numerous Forward Operating Bases where soldiers are performing at their limit day in and out. Upon returning to their bases for re-supply, etc, the soldiers will receive a new pair of Smartwool socks.

Feels Good starts Friday, December 17th and will last until Alpine Shop sells its allotment of promotional socks from Smartwool. The goal of the promotion is to provide customers with an opportunity to participate in something that Feels Good for those who are far away from home this holiday season.

About Alpine Shop
Alpine Shop began life in 1973 as a small climbing shop. Today, through its three locations in Kirkwood, Chesterfield and Columbia, Mo., it serves almost every type of outdoor enthusiast—be they backpackers, campers, cyclists, hikers, paddlers, skiers, snowboarders or climbers—with a friendly and knowledgeable staff, cutting edge products and a wide variety of how-to clinics for all activity levels.

About the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance unites independent outdoor retailers as a strong voice to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. We enable access to best business practices for our retail members, to the best equipment and apparel brands for the public, and to the backcountry for all.

About SmartWool
Based in Steamboat Springs, CO, SmartWool is an apparel brand whose products are inspired by living and playing in the mountains.  The company offers year-round apparel for an active life lived in unpredictable mountain climates.  SmartWool products are created to get the most out of the inherent benefits of Merino wool while delivering extraordinary comfort through intelligent and thoughtful products, allowing mountain athletes to do what they love to do longer.

Columbia Sportswear’s OMNI-HEAT – We’ll Let the Videos Talk for Themselves

So have you heard of Columbia Sportswear’s new OMNI-HEAT technologyAlpine Shop began carrying the little silver dotted-liner this fall.

Columbia Sportswear OMNI_HEAT Heat Elite Jacket
Using small silver dots covering the entire liner, Columbia Sportswear claims their new OMNI-HEAT liners are 20% warmer than conventional liners.

Basically take the concept behind an old Alpine Shop staple – the emergency space blanket for warmth – a reflective surface inhibits heat loss. Columbia’s in-house testing has indicated 20% greater warmth using this new technology than a conventional lining. The difference, though, compared to the old space blanket, is that Columbia doesn’t coat the entire lining in silver. Rather, they have coated the lining in little silver dots. That way, the theory goes, moisture and excessive heat can pass through the gaps between the dots, giving you a)warmth and b) breathability. So, repeat Alpine Shop’s winter mantra for fun and safety in the outdoors: Stay warm. Don’t overheat.

Has Columbia succeeded? So far, reviews have been very positive. Try one on at your closest Alpine Shop or pick one up on-line at

Until you get here, though, you’ll just have to enjoy a few of their commercials!

Have a favorite? Let us know!

901 Coats and Counting

What do 901 coats look like? I don’t know. Alpine Shop‘s goal has never been to have one big pile of coats to give away at the end. We’ve wanted to get the coats donated by our incredible customers into the hands of those who needed warmth as quickly as possible – especially as temps dropped down into the single digits today.

Coats donated to the Alpine Shop as part of the One Warm Coat Drive in 2010
Thanks to Alpine Shop customers, we've collected over 900 coats over the past three weeks. Our goal of 1000 coats for area folks in need is well within reach.

What the picture to the right shows is about half the coats we’ve had donated since our One Warm Coat promotion started on November 20. Most of these were donated in the past week. And donate you have, folks. We had so many coats come in last week that they are, in fact, taking over our Kirkwood store’s conference room. That’s a wonderful problem to have, let me tell you.

Most of the coats in this picture will hopefully be wrapped snuggly around someone before the week is out.

As it stands, we’re just 99 coats away from reaching our goal of 1000 now. With the drive ending this Sunday, December 19, we’re asking everyone to please continue to donate. As we have from the first day, we’ll give you a coupon for 20% off any one coat, jacket or clothing item for each and every coat you donate (no limit!). And after Sunday, if we’re over 1000 coats (which it looks like we will be), we’ll give away a total of four $250 gift cards to Alpine Shop. You get an entry for each and every coat you donate. Just make sure you fill out the paperwork when you drop your items off!

Thank you again, St. Louis and Columbia. We’ve got just one week left. Let’s see how many coats we can collect in just seven days!

Alpine Shop in the News – Cold Weather Takes Hold… Finally

As the coldest day of the year hit St. Louis, Alpine Shop Marketing Director Todd Oswald talked with local media about the weather’s effect on business and also why the Shop’s One Warm Coat Drive is so important.

You can read all about it – and watch the video – here.

For more information about Alpine Shop’s One Warm Coat Drive, see this article explaining the promotion. Currently, Alpine Shop has collected over 600 coats as they try to gather 1000 before Sunday, December 19.

Ski & Snowboard Service: Protect your gear and perfect your ride

Keeping your skis and snowboards tuned is one of the two most important things* you can do to ensure you have a great time on the slopes every time you make a run. Why? Because without a tune, you’re gear does two things: it sticks to the snow, making it harder for you to move and it reduces your maneuverability in turns, making it harder for you to go where you want to go. Now, if this still sounds fun, proceed to your nearest slope without taking care of your ride. However, if you want to actually enjoy your time on the snow, read on.

There are two different ways to keep your skis and snowboards tuned: you can do it yourself or you can bring them in to us at Alpine Shop and let us take care of it for you. For do-it-yourselfers, we offer Tuning Clinics on how to do this at home. The clinic is free and we’ll go over all the equipment you need.

Some repairs, though, are beyond the equipment you’ll have in your basement. And some people would just rather have an experienced technician do the work. For those jobs, Alpine Shop is proud to offer you one of the top ski and snowboard service centers in the country. Completely stocked with top-of-the-line Wintersteiger equipment and manned by certified techs, we’ll make sure your gear is perfectly tuned for your particular style.

Here’s some examples of what we do:

An example of a board needing a custom tune from Alpine Shop's service center
A perfect example of something needing a Custom Tune. If the customer does the Basic Tune, all those scratch lines will still be there, the edges won't be perfect and the base would be dry.

Custom Ski or Snowboard Tune:

Our Highest Level of service in package form. Stone grind, Base beveling/flattening, base and side edge beveling/sharpening, ptex and a race/hot wax and race polish.

And just what does all this mean?

Stone grinding: This process flattens the ski base, removes damaged base material and gives skis and boards a better surface for wax to adhere to for a smoother, faster ride.

Base beveling/flattening: This means we’re shaping the bottom of your gear to work perfectly for your personal style on the slopes.

Side edge beveling/sharpening: The most important thing for maneuverability is for your ski or snowboard edges to be smooth – like a fine knife – not the serrated kind. We make sure your edges are smooth, sharp and angled precisely to match your riding style.

Ptex: We use ptex to repair gouges or other damage done to the base of your gear. Without the repairs done, your skis or board can’t perform the way they’re meant to on the slopes.

Is your base drying out? Alpine Shop's hot wax treatment can take care of that.
See the white lines in the base? That's the base drying out. This board needs a tune with a HOT WAX.

Race/Hot Wax: The difference between hot wax and machine wax is like deciding between an economy set of new tires or a performance rated set of tires. Both will have your car performing better, but there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the ride. The same holds true here. A hot wax treatment will be customized to the type and temperature of the conditions you’ll ski in. It will also protect your base better and be more durable than a machine wax. For this reason, if your gear’s base appears to be drying out (see pic on the right) we will recommend a hot wax treatment. A machine wax, meanwhile, is much better than nothing at all, but we can’t give you the best ride possible with it.

The custom tune is for the customer who wants the ultimate experience on his gear at all time. This tune makes skis and boards as close to new as possible. Guaranteed to be fast and sharp.

Basic Ski or Snowboard Tune:

Our best value: Base beveling/flattening, base and side edge beveling/sharpening, machine wax and race polish.
For the customer who want to safe bank but needs that next level of service. This tune will cleanup and polish the base while flattening it and make those edges sharp, sharp, sharp. If the base looks dry (see pic above) we will recommend you upgrade to a Hot Wax.

Sharpen and Wax Combo:

A quick tune that will sharpen the base and side edges and machine wax with race polish.
This is for the customer who needs a quick clean up. This tune will not fix/repair anything on the base. If the base looks dry (see pic above) we will recommend you upgrade to a Hot Wax treatment.

Hot Wax Upgrade:

If you select one of our basic tune packages (basic or sharpen/wax), we offer a Hot Wax upgrade option at a savings to you.
This way, you get some of the customization of the Custom tune without the cost.

Alpine Shop's Service Center can handle Ptex & epoxy repairs
An example of a ptex repair. If the gouge/scratch is down to the core it will need epoxy.

Ptex/Epoxy Base or Topsheet Repair:

For those times when the snow isn’t perfect and you smoke a rock/rail or fellow skier. This service starts at $15 and goes up depending on what is needed to completely repair your ski or snowboard.

Have other questions? Give us a call at 314-962-7715. We’ll be happy to help you out however we can.

*Oh and the other most important thing you can do to ensure a good experience on the slopes: Get a good, professionally fit pair of boots.