Visit Alpine Shop at the St. Louis Boat & Sportshow

Alpine Shop at the St. Louis Boat & Sportshow

Alpine Shop is in the house at the St Louis Boat & Sportshow this week at the Edward Jones Dome in downtown St Louis.

Not only are we showing off some of our newest kayaks for the 2012 year, our very own Programming Director, Marty Koch, will be hosting seminars on Kayak Fishing and Paddling the Ozarks during prime time on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll also have a full kayak demo on Friday night at 8 pm at the Dock Dogs Pool.

While this event has typically been aimed at the motor boat set in the past, the organizers are moving the focus more to everything outdoors and we’re happy to be a part of it.

So get on down to the Boat and SportShow this week – and say “Hi” to your friendly neighborhood Alpine Shop folk!

2010 Winter Swap Friday – 12 Hours in 80 seconds Video

Tonight, we open the tent for Alpine Shop’s 18th Annual Winter Swap at 7 pm. One of the best parts of this day is watching the line of excited people grow around the side of the building. Here’s some time-lapse footage from last year’s Winter Swap to give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

Enjoy! (And we’ll see you tonight. What time are you getting here?)

Swap Tent Preview: Thursday Edition (1 More Day!)

Alpine Shop’s 18th Annual Winter Swap Tent continues to fill up with our customers’ used skis, snowboards, bikes, boats, camping gear and clothing. You have one more day – until 4 pm on Friday, October 21 to get your own gear checked-in for this event. You can find more information on the Swap here. And for our Columbia customers, Swap is going on there, as well!

Don’t forget, while the tent opens at 7 pm tomorrow night for used gear sales and clearance items, Alpine Shop’s new gear sales will start at all three Alpine Shop locations first thing in the morning. Want to see what’s on sale? Take a peek at our new gear sales here.

While everyone breathlessly awaits 7 pm tomorrow to enter the tent and find this year’s best deals, here’s one more sneak preview at what we have inside.

Tent Goes Up. Get Your Used Gear In. Swap Starts Friday!

Alpine Shop's Winter Swap Tent Going Up

For 17 years, Alpine Shop has always had two distinct Swap Celebrations: a Spring Swap dedicated to bikes, boats, camping gear and all warm-weather pursuits, and the Winter Swap devoted to all things done outside in the cold including skiing, snowboarding and playing in the snow. So for the 18th year, of course, we threw all of that out the window.

Welcome to the 18th Annual Winter Swap.

Bring all of that stuff in this time. If the gear meets our standards, we’ll sell it out of the Swap tent and put some cash or store credit in your pocket. (Or if you’re at our Columbia location Swap, we’ll do the same thing without the tent!)

As of Monday, October 17 at 10 am, Alpine Shop Kirkwood and Columbia are ready to accept your used items into the Swap. Bring them in early to avoid the line. If you prefer to leave things until the last minute, please note that ALL used gear registration needs to be finished by 5 pm on Friday, Oct. 21. More than likely, this means you need to be in line at 4 pm at the latest to check-in your gear. As we continue to improve the Swap to make sure our lines don’t stretch back for hours on Friday night, that same technology has forced us to make some changes in how we do some things. Check-in is one of those things.

We’ll still open the tent at 7 pm on Friday night. We’ll still have people tailgating for the tent opening hours before then. You’ll still find the tent filled with great prices on used and clearance items. (Or, you’ll still see the money coming in from the items you’re selling!)

You will find a few changes inside our stores, however. All of our new-gear sales will begin when we open our doors first thing in the morning in Kirkwood, Chesterfield and Columbia (or on-line at If you’re just interested in new gear deals, you no longer have to wait until the 7 pm starting time anymore. Also, we’ll have Early Bird and Night Owl deals on new gear on both Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 22-23 and Sat. and Sun., Oct. 29-30. You can find those limited time specials on page 3 of our on-line new-gear sale catalog here.

Used gear sales are open in Kirkwood and Columbia on Friday, Oct. 21 from 7 pm–11 pm; Sat., Oct. 22 from 9 am—9 pm and Sun., Oct. 23 from 11 am—6 pm.

See you soon!


Short Track Dirt Crit Mountain Bike Races Begin Tonight

Weekly mountain bike races begin tonight – Thursday, June 30 – at Castlewood State Park as the Alpine Shop Short Track Dirt Crits kick off the 2011 season. This series of races, part of St. Louis’s Off-Road Racing League, runs for five weeks and features three races each night.

Mountain bike racers of all abilities are welcome! Choose your race based on your ability: A- Expert, B-Sport and C-Novice/beginners. Each category follows the same course. The difference is in how long the race lasts. The A racers lasts 45 minutes plus two laps. B race goes for 25 minutes plus two laps and the C race lasts 15 minutes plus two laps.

At the time of posting, registrations were full for the 6/30 races; but spots were still available for the following races. If you’re interested in participating, please click here for on-line registration.

Following the races, all participants are invited to partake of some fantastic food from The Wolf Public House, including beverages from New Belgium Brewery.

Alpine Shop has some drool-worthy prizes to give away all series long for both participants and spectators alike. Just stop by our tent to find out more.

For more information on the series, please visit the Off-Road Racing League page. And if mountain bikes aren’t really your thing, be sure to check out the Trail Run part of the Off-Road Racing League. That series begins Thursday, August 4 (or the week after the mountain bike races have finished)!

Alpine Shop’s Demo Days: Try Before You Buy!

Alpine Shop knows you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive first. (You wouldn’t, would you?) The same applies when you’re shopping for a new kayak, canoe or bike, as well. Alpine Shop’s Demo Days are the perfect way to Try Before You Buy.

A line of Canoes at the 2010 Alpine Shop's Demo Days
Boat after boat after boat, just waiting to be paddled by you.

Let’s take boats to start. Every craft will handle just a little bit differently, and you’d be amazed at how much little adjustments – like moving your seat forward or back – can have major effects on how a new boat paddles. That’s why this weekend’s Demo Days at Creve Coeur Lake are so helpful to you if you’re in the market for a new boat. We’ll have a full selection of nearly every major brand we carry available to paddle at Sailboat Cove on Saturday and Sunday, May 14-15. And while we’ll continue to have smaller Paddle Demo Days throughout the summer on an almost bi-weekly basis, we won’t have the sheer number of canoes and kayaks each week like we’ll have this weekend.

If you’re just getting started on your paddling career, you won’t find a better introduction to the sport then the chance to discover what each individual kayak or canoe type can offer you. And while some of the finer points of each craft may not be readily apparent to you, what you will find is an idea of the general type of boat that will work best for you.

If you’re an experienced paddler looking to take a step up, here’s your chance to play around with other people’s boats to your heart’s content. Find out which boat matches you’re desires perfectly.

Save yourself some time and register for Alpine Shop’s Demo Days in advance by clicking here.

Below are a couple of links that you may find useful before coming out and seeing us. Let us know if there’s anything else we can do to help you find your perfect boat.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine’s Buyer’s Guide

Alpine Shop’s Learn to Paddle Guide

Not a paddler, but a pedaler?

This year, we’re pleased to welcome the Specialized Test the Best Demo Team to Alpine Shop’s Demo Days! Creve Coeur Lake Park – besides the lake – also has one of the area’s most popular bike paths, so it’s a perfect fit to try out our newest line of bikes to find out exactly what type of bike works best for you.

Bikes and boats are all included in your $5 registration fee – and you’ll also get a free hot dog, chips and drink as well.

Swap’s Friday Night First Choice – Video

If you’ve never been with us in Kirkwood for the opening night of a Swap, then this video is for you. We want you to know exactly what you’ve been missing out on.

This video shows footage just as we’ve opened up the tent for customers. Everyone has a great time. We gave away a bunch of great prizes to people standing line. Thanks to Columbia Sportswear and Marmot for providing many of the prizes.

If you weren’t able to join us tonight, we hope you’ll come by sometime this weekend and join in our official kickoff for spring!

Panoramic View of the Inside of the Swap Tent

Alpine Shop Swap Tent Panorama
Alpine Shop Swap Tent Panorama
Full 360 degree view of the Swap Tent Pre-Swap

Lighting isn’t the best, but this will give you an idea of just how many bikes and other gear are just sitting in the Swap Tent waiting for the mad rush this evening. Don’t wait around, get in line as soon as possible!

Friday Night = First Choice at Great Deals

Kayaks for Sale at Alpine Shop Swap
Kayaks anyone? They're each $250 starting at 7 pm tonight, April 8, 2011

With just over five hours to go until we open the Swap tent up to the public for the beginning of Alpine Shops’ Spring Swap, we have a great collection of used boats, bikes, camping gear and clothing for everyone this weekend. As we’ve said before, though, once the deals are gone, they’re gone for good. Like the picture on the left here. Each one of the boats on the rack are on sale for $250 this weekend at the Swap (assuming they last the entire weekend).

We’ve also got another “sneak peek” video inside the Kirkwood tent for you. After two and a half days of accepting gear, we have the tent pretty much full, with the biggest rush of gear still to come (the two hours before the Swap).

So come on out and join us tonight! The line will be forming any minute now and by the time we open up the tent at 7 pm tonight, we’ll have four or five hundred close friends in line just waiting to grab ahold of some new gear. See you then!

Celebrate Good Deals and Great Outdoors at Spring Swap

Alpine Shop's Swap - Friday Night First Choice
Alpine Shop's Spring Swap
The line forms for Friday Night's first shot at the used goods at Alpine Shop's Spring Swap.

Now in its seventeenth year, Alpine Shop’s Spring Swap Festival gives area families an opportunity to sell their used outdoor gear while also helping the store provide tens of thousands of dollars to worthwhile organizations.

Alpine Shop’s 17th Annual Spring Swap Festival begins Friday, April 8 at 7 pm at our Kirkwood and Columbia locations and continues through Sunday, April 10. Customers can begin bringing their used gear to sell on Wednesday, April 6 to those locations only.

The Spring Swap Festival is a consignment-based sale the Alpine Shop hosts each April. Anyone is invited to bring in used warm-weather outdoor gear or clothing to sell for two and a half days in a 10,000 square foot tent in the South parking lot of our Kirkwood location. Alpine Shop’s Columbia location will also feature used gear, as well.

The first night of the Swap festival is also the main fundraising effort of the weekend. Everyone 13 years or older pays $5 to get into the tent. Every penny of that money goes to a particular charity. This year that organization is Trailnet – a St. Louis-based not-for-profit organization with a 20-year history of promoting active living, a way of life that encourages people to integrate physical activity into their daily routines. Alpine Shop is proud to assist them in their efforts.

Customers bring in an average of over 2,000 total items to the Swap tent each Spring Swap Festival, with an emphasis on bikes, boats, camping gear and warm-weather clothing for the whole family.

Items that find new homes during Swap not only make some extra money for the seller, but also help save gear from our trash dumps. Even items that don’t sell can make a difference. Participants can mark on their consignment contracts that they would like Alpine Shop to donate the gear to the charity of Alpine Shop’s choosing if the item doesn’t sell.

For more information on specific times and Swap rules, please visit

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s going on inside the tent…