The Weekend Rider

There is no doubt that St. Louis and the surrounding areas boast many outdoor and urban retreats to help keep our weekends busy.  What better way to spend the weekend than to get outside, get a little active, and experience some adventure? Sounds right our alley! We wanted to procure some of the best weekend destinations that include a safe and accessible route using cycling as the main mode of transportation, not to mention some shopping and dining establishments while we’re at it! We’ve chosen four of favorites that include a parking spot, routes, and activities.


Downtown Kirkwood

Where to park: Our store! Park your car in our expansive lot at the Kirkwood location. Stop in before you go for a last minute stock up on cycling accessories, tune, and water!

Route: There are many routes to take in and around Downtown Kirkwood. Our favorite is to turn right out of our parking lot onto N. Kirkwood Road, turn right onto E. Bodley Ave , right again onto N. Taylor Ave, and right onto E. Argonne Drive. Now you are smack dab in the middle of Downtown Kirkwood in less than 10 minutes!

What to do: Right at the corner of N. Taylor and Argonne is the Kirkwood Farmers Market, perfect for picking up your Saturday evening dinner essentials. Fresh fruit, vegetables and other local ingredients fresh and ready for your dish! Walk down to Kaldis Coffee at Argonne and Kirkwood Road. Enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry out on the patio if its in the morning or enjoy their full breakfast and lunch menu. To make it a full-day activitiy, you can ride your bikes all the way down N. Taylor to the Magic House for a fun-filled day with the kids! Stop by the Kirkwood Park on your way back to Alpine Shop to pick up your car and finish your day off with some shopping!

Forest Park

Where to park: The Saint Louis Zoo now includes parking in Dogtown off of Oakland Ave.

Route: Oakland Ave which faces the the south side of Forest Park near Highway 40 has been completely re-done that includes a bike lane that has a good amount of space between cars parked and the cyclist. Oakland Ave can take you right into the park via Tamm Ave, which bridges over the highway. Take your time going through the park and once you get to the other side, which hugs up against Lindell, head east into the most exciting areas around town-The Central West End.

What do to: First, there are tons of things to do in Forest Park. On your way down Oakland you can stop by Turtle Park then head either to the Zoo, The Boathouse, The History Museum, or the Grand Basin & Art Museum-all of which are totally free attractions (besides the food & paddling at The Boathouse). Once you ride into the CWE stop and get breakfast or brunch at Crepes or Wildflower Loft. Lunch and dinner is always enjoyable at Pi Pizzeria and a little sweet treat can be had at the brand new Jeni’s Ice Cream Parlor. If you have tickets, hit the Muny on your way back into the park and then your car!

Downtown Saint Louis

Where to park: The Clayton Metro Station

Route: Take the Metrolink from the Clayton station with your bikes and head downtown to the Union Station stop. From there, head north on 18th Street, where you will then come to Chestnut. Chestnut has been completely re-vamped making it one of most safest cycling lanes in the area. There is now a protected bike lane that includes buffer zones between parked cars and motorists. Your route includes a straight shot east on Chestnut, turn right onto N. 8th where you then take to Clark at Busch Stadium. You would then hop onto the Stadium Station westbound to Clayton Station.

What to do: Stop and check out Union Station as you head towards Chestnut, there you will have a handful of great attractions on your way towards the Arch. Along the way you’ll see City Garden, the Fountains, the Old Courthouse, and the Veterans Memorial Museum. As you head south on 8th Street, you can catch a Cardinals baseball game or just head on into the brand new Ballpark village for some food and brews!


Saint Charles

Where to park: Trail Smokehouse and Visitors Center at 2886 S. Highway 94

Route: Southward on the Katy Trail

What to do: When you stop the Trail Smokehouse you will be literally on the Katy Trail. This small town boasts a handful of restaurants, shops, and wineries all along the historic Katy Trail. The Visitors Center also has food and beverages in a nice sit-down atmosphere. While heading south on the trail you’ll come across a bike shop, if there is anything you need, as well as bike rentals. You can also stop by the number of vineyards and wineries along the way, including the Yellow Farmhouse Vineyard and Winery, Sugar Creek Winery, and the Augusta Winery.





Back 2 Campus: Survival Kit

Most college classes begin the last week of August and many students, either new or returning, get back to campus throughout the month leading up to the beginning of classes. Living on a giant or small campus can mean quite the change from high school, one of these being how you commute from your dorm to class. Just getting from point A to point B, and back to point A again could mean walking or biking at least 1-2 miles a day. With all these changes to prepare you, we’ve got the necessities to help make your year on campus great!

#1. The Bike

This is essential, especially for huge campus’ or those that are smack dab in a city center; like Loyola in Chicago or the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Even Mizzou’s campus in Columbia, MO can be accessed quite easily by bike. Our bike shop in Kirkwood and O’Fallon can help you pick up the bike that best suites you and your campus. Whether you need a nice cruiser for just around campus or a speedy road bike that can handle the grassy campus and the busy city streets, we’ve got you covered. In Kirkwood you can have your pick of bikes from Specialized and in O’Fallon, Jamis is where its at!


#2. The Yeti Cooler…or Tumbler?

Yes. The Yeti cooler, it can keep beer super duper cold for those tailgating parties (21 years and up..right) or maybe just to keep around the Fraternity House. You know your parents are always willing to shell out $300 to help keep your college brews ice cold….just kidding…but those Rambler Tumblers will work mighty fine at keeping your ice coffee chilled for those 8:30am classes in the 300+ attendance lecture hall.


Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 1.58.22 PM

#3. The Soft Pants

These include the infamous legging for woman and the durable yet comfortable khaki short for men.  Our favorites include the Motion Crop Legging by Lole and the Kantra Khaki Short by Kuhl. Both include a nice breathable and comfortable fabric that looks great and works well with walking or biking throughout the day.



#4. The Chacos

I guess these no longer go hand in hand with a tie-die Grateful Dead T-shirt, but more like a nice polo, khakis, and a pair of croakies. Get the sandal that has yet again hit the college scene hard.  Choose between dozens of funky prints and colors, as well as toe or no toe (that is the question). For the ladies, the double strap looks quite nice.

HPW-U-041810 042

HPW-U-041810 073

#5. The Pack

Our pick for the best campus ‘pack’ comes from Timbuk2. The style is fresh, hip, and super durable. It’s ok if you toss it around a little or get stuck in some rain, these packs are going to last way longer than your usual Jansport. Most of the messenger bags and backpacks also include a pocket for a laptop, sounds like a win-win to us!


#6. The Shirt

Columbia’s PFG line is so huge. Its the perfect blend of preppy cuts and colors along with some pretty sweet technical specs. This UV-Protective line was originally made for fishermen, who spend long days out in the sun, in the middle of reflective water. The style and the functionality of these pieces has made them a hot trend on campus.


#7. The Rain Jacket

Let’s face it, almost every campus (beside the University of Arizona) is going to get a few rainstorms this Fall. Be prepared with the Marmot Minimalist; this style comes in Men’s and Women’s and an assortment of colors. This isn’t your usual rain jacket, this one is made with the super technical fabric called GORE-TEX. This means you stay dry from the elements on the outside and wicks away your body moisture to help you stay non-clammy on the inside. Totes worth the $200 price-tag because you’ll be far better off solely based on comfort.

Y1154_2264_w_minimalist_jkt 0024

#8. The Patagonia..Everything

Pretty much.  You’ll be set with any piece that suits your fancy, or if you just go ahead and buy every color imaginable…that works too.



Missouri & Illinois Outdoor Getaways

Around the shop, we share and converse over our favorite wild places all of the time. Recommending a site unseen by most or the perfect little spot to catch the most amount of trout, etc. This time around we wanted to hear from you; our guest. Where do you find wonder and seclusion right outside the city? Between Illinois and Missouri the list can seem to go on forever; from river-ways to mini-canyons you shared with us your favorites!



Montauk State Park

Located at the headquarters of the Current River in Salem, MO. Famous for its Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout fishing!

Bass’ River Resort

Located near Steelville, Missouri, enjoy your summer days relaxing in a canoe, kayak, or raft on one of three rivers. The resort is located on the Coutois, Huzzah and Meramec Rivers. The resort boasts campsites as well as accommodations in their lodging units.  Perfect for a family summer getaway!

Council Bluff Lake

Located within the Mark Twain National Forest, Council Bluff Lake Recreation Area includes a large lake which was created by dam built on the big river, camping areas and sheltered picnic areas. Enjoy the sandy beach, swimming, canoeing, angling, and no-wake speed boating.

Silver Mines

Also part of the Mark Twain National Forest, the Silver Mines Recreation Area is located right on the St. Francis River. The only river in Missouri that is categorized as “White Water” which is popular for kayaking during the Springtime high waters. Explore the abandoned “Einstein Mine” which was once mined for silver, lead, and Tungsten.

Red Bluff

Along the Huzzah Creek near Davisville, MO this recreation area is named for its towering red bluffs. Enjoy the weekend camping, swimming, tubing, and fishing!

The Paddy Creek Wilderness

Home to the Big Piney Trail, Paddy Creek Wilderness boast hiking trail as well as the Big and Little Paddy Creeks. Located 10 miles northwest from Licking, MO enjoy horseback riding, hiking, camping, and fishing!

Meramec State Park

One of the most popular destinations for St. Louisans due to distance; this Steelville, MO gem boasts the Meramec River and a diverse collection of ecosystems. Enjoy canoe and raft rentals, campsites, cave seeking, and hiking! This state park almost has it all!



Jackson Falls

Located near Ozark, IL Jackson Falls is known for its spectacular rock climbing! Arguably the best in all of Southern Illinois. If you’ve been meaning to find a perfect outdoor rock climbing in Illinois, you’re in luck!

Ferne Clyffe State Park

Located in Goreville, IL this outdoor gem includes breathtaking rock formations, vistas and a wide array of vegetation! There are equestrian trails, camping, and fishing available!

Cedar lake

Southwest of Carbondale, IL in Southwestern Illinois boasts the 1,750-acre reservoir Cedar Lake. Enjoy breathtaking views during the summer and fall; as the tree leaves turn a magnificent orange and red!

Rend Lake

Located in Southern Illinois near Benton, IL one can enjoy some serious lake time! Rend Lake Resorts have plenty of lodging options as well as campsites! There are water sports, hiking trails, golfing, fishing, horseback riding, and boating! The perfect outdoor weekend awaits you!

Garden of the Gods

A geological wonder formed by millions of years and an ancient in-land sea. A great uplift occurred along with years of thawing, windblown sand, and other environmental actions created the area that is now known as the “Garden of the Gods”. Interpretive signs throughout this recreation area, located in the Shawnee National Forest near Harrisburg, IL will explain the geological history.




Bugs, Bugs Stay Away: Your Guide to Insect Shield Garments

On those hot summer days and nights one might find the bugs to be a little overwhelming either in your backyard or in the backwoods. We’ve all used traditional insect repellant spray to help most of Mother Natures’ buzzing nuisances from biting us and potentially passing an insect-borne disease. Though the traditional form of insect repellant- spray- is effective; a safer and more comfortable way to protect yourself outside is to wear the repellant on your clothes and not your skin.

Insect Shield®

A proprietary formulation of the insect repellent permethrin for treating clothing used by major outdoor brands, including White Sierra and ExOficcio. Insect Shield is an odorless invisible insect repellent treated within the garments, meaning your repellant stays on your clothes, not your skin! While you’re in the back woods you’ll have Insect Protection against Mosquitoes, Flies, Chiggers, Ticks, Ants, and Midges. These insects are those who can carry Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, Malaria, and other insect-borne diseases.


Benefits & Features

  • Built in bug protection
  • Near your skin, not on it
  • Quick drying and easy care
  • Lightweight and packable

Garments treated with Insect Shield® are perfect for evening walks, hanging outside on the deck, hiking, camping out in the backwoods, traveling and safaris!

Tested & Proven

Insect Shield® technology results from years of intensive research and field study. Numerous studies have confirmed the effectiveness of permethrin-treated clothing as an insect repellent. Insect Shield®’s own testing methods follow United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines, and the results conclusively show that our unique, long-lasting insect protection works.

Care Instructions & Durability

The repellency of Insect Shield apparel is EPA-registered to last through 70 launderings—the expected lifetime of a garment. This is also well beyond the life of most performance finishes commonly used in the technical-apparel industry. Wash on its own in laundry, normal home laundering is recommended. Insect Shield repellent apparel can be bleached, starched, pressed, etc., without effect on the repellent quality; however, it should not be dry-cleaned. Eventually the garments treatment will wear out due to washing and wearing. You can discard the garment via trash.


Insect Shield is safe for the whole family. Please keep your Insect Shield® off of the floor if you own pets, to keep your pets from getting sick.


ExOficcio, a leading outdoor and traveling brand who has a BugsAway®  Collection containing accessories treated with Insect Shield® Technology. Alpine Shop carries the most popular styles such as the Paisley Bandana, Adventure Hat and the Classic Cap (Sold In-Store). All of the pieces are quick drying, 30+ SPF protection, and treated with Insect Shield®.





White Sierra®

White Sierra is another leading outdoor apparel company that has made functional, stylish and comfortable Insect Shield® treated garments in their Bugs Free Collection. Alpine Shop offers White Sierra’s wide variety of pieces at a really great price-point for Men and Women. Styles include the Men’s Swamp 1/4 Zip and Swamp Longsleeve; Women’s Gauze Tunic, Pull On Pant, Pullover Hoody, and Zip Hoody; Unisex Kool Brim Hat and Kool Sun Hat.






Alpiner’s Pick: Father’s Day Gifts


Father’s Day is June 21st

The day is coming up quick, so we asked our staff ” What would you LOVE to get your Dad this year?” OR “If you’re a Dad, what would you LOVE to receive?”. These are a few of their answers!


Michelle, E-commerce Manager: ” My father really needs a new jacket and loves Myles’ Arc’teryx. As with most Arcteryx, the Beta AR just feels sooo nice when you put it on, completely non restricting, and waterproof.  Plus the brand has a dinosaur for its logo, and my dad is a nut for fossils. He’d never splurge on himself so I would LOVE to get him the Beta AR Jacket this Father’s Day!



Emily Korsch, Programs and Event Coordinator: ” I would LOVE to get my Dad a Eagles Nest Lounger Chair or a DoubleNest Hammock with a set of Twilights Camp Lights to go with it!”


Angela Roam, Camp Buyer: ” My Dad always LOVES a new pair of Sanuk Sandals!”


Cathy Blaies, Chesterfield Store Manager: ” My Dad is a big fan of the Ex-Officio Air Strip Shirt and Insect Shield products… Hats, bandana’s, shirts etc.”

bugsaway airstrip

Kevin Bouckaert, IT Director: “As a father of 5, I’d say Earplugs for peace and quiet, kid trailer so we all can go for a bike ride, or a Yeti Rambler Tumbler to hold my soda and keep it ice cold!”


Dave Colby, Our newest addition to the Buying Department & Snowsport, Footwear, and Sunglasses Buyer: “For my Dad it would be a book like “Ten million steps” and a new pair of Kuhl Revolvr pants.









Chaco: A Brand 25 Years in the Making

1989-1995: The Early Years

The small brand, based out of a Mark Paigen’s Paonia, CO home was first called Gecko to signify his shoe as “The Ultimate Sport Sandal”. You see, the Gecko has tiny micro-suction cups on the bottom of their feet helping them scale walls quickly and efficiently.  When the company was four years young, Mark moved his operations outside of his home. The real change that has helped this brand sky-rocket into fan dome was their highly designed footbed, the Z1 in 1994. The footbed was given the name due to its creator,  Dr. Gerhard Rill, a graduate of the Munich School of Orthopedics, who famously stated “That’s ze one!”.  Finally, in 1995 Mark decided it was best to give the company a much-needed make-over. The name Gecko was too closely related to another brand and in order to choose a new name, the company held a competition. This is how the brand we know and love today is called Chaco.

Why we love this brand?

There are so many reasons to love this brand. Our top  reasons include the shoe (of course!), their warranty program ReChaco, their involvement, and their sociability! Who doesn’t love a shoe that gives you complete arch support, keeps your foot supported while having the breezing feel of a sandal? Not to mention the never-ending array of patterns and colors for the straps in their MyChaco program!  Their warranty program, ReChaco involves re-strapping, repairs and even replacement helping you keep your favorite pair of Chacos forever. The company is super social! They are always asking for your favorite pictures while wearing Chaco sandal or a Chaco tan to share on social media, as well as your outdoor adventures in their Chacosphere. Finally, we love how involved Chaco is with their dealers and their customers!


Chacos + Alpine Shop

We’ve been selling Chaco for more than 15 years and they continue to grow year after year. You can purchase your new Chacos online at or in store! Today through Friday, June 5th when you purchase a pair of Chaco sandals online you will receive a special edition Chaco belt (6/3/15-6/5/15) ONLINE ONLY. Chaco has also teamed up with Alpine Shop in the upcoming Al-Pint Night-Luau this Sunday, June 7th from 4-7pm. During the event we’ll sell limited edition 16 oz. acrylic double-wall tumblers brought to you by Chacos for $10 which includes two pours of craft beer. The proceeds will be donated to the Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region.







Alpiners’ Picks: Our All Time Favorite Tents!

Anyone who is looking for the perfect tent has been confronted with the large number of options! To help with buyers anxiety, we wanted to bring you a short list including some of our staff’s favorite tents and the adventures they’ve enjoyed while camping. We’ll even tackle the unfortunate circumstance of finding a comparable tent for one that has been discontinued; ‘Oh the horror!’.

Marmot Limelight 2



X27090_4260_limelight2p 0002

Gretchen Carleton, Assistant Buyer for Women Apparel: “The best part about this tent is that it is the perfect size for two people. It takes only a couple of minutes to set up, it compacts very nicely and is extremely light.

My husband and I took the train from Saint Louis to Sedalia Missouri, and then rode our bikes back to Saint Charles on the Katy Trail. We carried all of our supplies on our bikes and this tent was one of the items. It was perfect shelter on a perfectly beautiful ride!”

Chloe Tennant, Director of Social Media: “The Limelight 2 is super cozy and perfect for two campers. The rain fly also withstands those pouring summer showers keeping you both nice and dry!

My boyfriend and I decided to take a last minute trip over Labor Day weekend to Johnson Shut-ins, there we were able to camp comfortably under the stars in our Limelight 2! We fell asleep with the rain fly off until I woke up at 5am to thunder! I quickly grabbed the rain fly, flung it over and it turned out to be a massive rainstorm! Luckily the tent kept us dry!”

Mountain Hardwear Drifter & Shifter Series

$227.97 (Drifter) & $249.00 (Shifter)


The Drifter Series has been modified into a new series, The Shifter!


Bart Karnowski, Alpine Shop Kirkwood Assistant Store Manager: “Mountain Hardware Drifter 3 (The Shifter 3 is the newer version) is my pick.
It sets up in five minutes and is easy to take down.

I spent the last warm weekend of the year last October at Cuivre River State Park. It was the week after SWAP and the perfect/relaxing wrap up to the sunny season.”

Paul Miller, Alpine Shop Columbia Outfitter: “I have a Mountain Hardwear Drifter 2, and as posters have said above, the Drifter series (and now Shifter Series) is solid. Easy set-up and take-down. It could be a little lighter but I’ve been happy with mine.”

Nemo Losi 3



Beth Rutledge, Alpine Shop O’Fallon, IL Outfitter: “I’m a fan of the Nemo Losi 3person with the add on footprint. I saw it in use this past summer in Glacier National Park. The guy who owned it was traveling from California to Chicago with his husky and they were on their 10th travel day when we met him. With the optional footprint, the pup was able to be in the tent with him without poking his toenails through the bottom of the tent. There was loads of room inside the tent with a ton of head room. Great looking tent and not terribly heavy. He, his name is Mark by the way, also has a 2 person Losi for backpacking, he’d like a lighter one but it is such a good tent it’s hard to get attached to a lighter one as good as this!”

We carry Nemo products at our store and although we do not have the Losi on hand, we can special order this item.

Mountain Hardwear Optic 2.5



Liza Babington, Alpine Shop Columbia Store Manager: The Hammerhead 2 from Mountain Hardwear is my favorite! It is unfortunately not made anymore. What makes this tent awesome is the zip out window that goes from the floor of the foot side of the tent all the way past the top and about 1/8 of the way down the other side, giving an awesome star view at night and tons of airflow. Because you can zip the whole thing closed it also means you can pitch it without the fly when it’s hot and still have privacy. It has 3 smaller windows so you don’t lose airflow, plus tons of headroom because of it’s crazy shape. My favorite adventure in my tent was camping at Horseshoe Canyon on a climbing trip. It wasn’t a crowded weekend so we were able to find a spot where we could pitch it without the fly and stargaze all night!”

The Hammerhead was loved for its airflow and views due to it large mesh zip-out windows! The Mountain Hardwear Optic 2.5 is the best comparable model! It’s catty-cornered zip-out windows offer a good amount of airflow and a beautiful view of the surroundings and sky!

The North Face Tadpole 2 & Stormbreak 2

$309.00 (Tadpole 2) & $159.00 (Stormbreak 2)


Mike Prasse, Alpine Shop Chesterfield Outfitter: “I’d have to say that my favorite tend has been and continues to be my original North Face Tadpole. I love love the easy set up, it’s durability in very strong winds, and the vestibule size for a two man tent. Sure the older model isn’t quite as light as the newer versions yet I still love it. I spent nearly a whole summer in it while I was in college running school groups down to Sams Throne in Arkansas. I still have it, use it and love it.”

We are able to special order the Tadpole 2 tent, its the perfect technical backpacking tent: super light, functional, and sturdy. Another great option for someone who doesn’t need the high technical specs and is looking for a middle range in price, The Stormbreak 2 is the pick for you! It’s not as light as the Tadpole, but it can be put together in a jiff!


Our Mission

In store and online we are determined to help you find the best tent (and any of gear you might need) for you and your adventures! Many of our tents are 3-season and paired with the right sleeping bag can keep you comfortable through many different climates. Give us a call, visit us in store, or shop online for your new favorite tent!


5 Reasons to Get Your Bike Tuned… Today!

Has your bike been tuned? Ever? Or did you bring it home from whatever shop you purchased it at and figured it was good to go?

Just like your car needs maintenance, your bike needs to be taken care of to make sure it performs safely every time you go for a ride. Here’s why:

When was the last time you had your bike tuned?

1. Cables stretch.

Well that’s not true per se, but they do twist tighter. That makes them get longer, and that can seriously affect both shifting and breaking. New cables “stretch” the most and need to be adjusted. That’s why we offer free lifetime adjustments on all new bikes purchased from Alpine Shop.

2. Chains stretch.

Okay, again not really, but they do wear and that makes the chain get longer. When that happens, the chain no longer rides properly in the valleys between the teeth on your chainrings and cassette cogs. A worn, or “stretched”, chain will also cause the chainrings and cassette to wear more rapidly and “mate” to an old chain. So while a new chain may only be about $20 (and improve your ride immensely), a new cassette will be another $50, $75 or up.

3. Your wheels probably aren’t true.

Heck, they may not even be round. Impacts can cause a bicycle wheel to go out of true and wiggle side to side, or worse go out of round. The shape of your wheel is determined by the tension of the spokes, pulling the rim into shape. Small wiggles are easy to fix, but small wiggles can become big wiggles which can rub brake pads , become harder to correct or worse. Get them checked as part of a tune package at Alpine Shop.

4. Is your bike dirty?

A dirty bike really doesn’t work as well. Dirty cables lead to cable drag and that’s a (literal) drag on performance. Shifts aren’t as easy or as snappy and brakes require more squeeze. Dirty frames can also hide damage and keep moisture next to expensive shiny parts. (Turning them into rusty parts much, much faster.)

5. Do you lube?

Friction is no fun. Well, it’s good for slowing you down. Keeping your chain and pivots clean and lubed makes everything work the way it should. Dirt slows everything down and makes it wear faster. A clean bike is a happy bike. Which makes for a happy rider. Be a happy rider. Get your bike tuned today by the pros at Alpine Shop.

Our 8-Point Basic Bike Tune will take care of all of the above for you (provided there are no other underlying problems with the bike). And with $80 worth of work for just $65, you won’t find a better deal on a tune in the Greater St. Louis area. Bring your bike in to either our Kirkwood location or our O’Fallon, Ill., store on the east side of the river today!

This Adventure Needs GORE-TEX® Sweepstakes: Winners and Honorable Mentions

Over the past couple weeks we’ve asked our Alpiners, “Does your adventure need GORE-TEX® and why?”. We’ve literally been stunned by some of the most impressive, daring and inspirational adventures that were entered into the sweepstakes. There’s some pretty adventurous folks out there and we want to highlight the winners and those who embody our very mission! “Get Outside Yourself”

The Grand Prize-Winner

“Snowstorm came through at Brighton Resort in Salt Lake City, Utah in 2014. Getting some airtime and ready to land in a pillow of powder, would be epic to repeat this memory with a new one…and of course some new GORE-TEX® gear!”- John Collier

John has won $500 in GORE-TEX® Products, SPF 15 Lip Balm and a WINDSTOPPER® Headband!! May your future snowboarding adventures be full of pillows of powder and as epic, or even more, with some brand new GORE-TEX® Gear!

The 1st and 2nd Runner-Up Winners

“Summited my first 14er in 2014! Could have definitely used some GORE-TEX® gear!”- Rich Asadorian
“Skiing in Wolf Creek, Colorado. My siblings and I love the mountains, especially all the snow at the Wolf Creek Ski Area!”- Katherine Costello

Rich and Katherine have both won $50 in GORE-TEX® Products, SPF 15 Lip Balm and a WINDSTOPPER® Headband!

Honorable Mentions

Photo Credit: Karen Holtmann
Photo Credit: Stephanie Mafla-Mills
Photo Credit: Bill Kraemer
Photo Credit: Robert Schnieders
Photo Credit: Derek Stagner
Photo Credit: Jack Wilkinson
Photo Credit: Brian Pfiefer
Photo Credit: Herbert Lorenz
Photo Credit: Gregg Healey
Photo Credit: Kathleen Doherty




This Adventure Needs GORE-TEX® Products Sweepstakes


Share a picture of an adventure you’ve been on (or hope to go on!) where a GORE-TEX® garment would play an essential role in keeping you dry, comfortable and outside for longer periods of time! Whether it’s skiing in Colorado, snowshoeing in Utah or hiking in the misty forests of Washington State, you will stay dry and protected in GORE-TEX® products. GUARANTEED! Enter for your chance to win a $500 Alpine Shop coupon to be used on GORE-TEX® Products, Lip Balm and a WINDSTOPPER® Headband.